Biodiversity Days: Family Nature Walks

In honour of the UN World Biodiversity Day, join us for a family-oriented biodiversity adventure at UBC Botanical Garden.

About this experience

Location: UBC Botanical Garden, 6804 SW Marine Drive
Date: Saturday, May 22 and Sunday, May 23, 2021
Cost: $50 per family (Ticket costs include admission to the Garden and TreeWalk, and a Kids Nature Kit for each child/youth 18 and under)

In honour of UN World Biodiversity Day, join us for a family-oriented adventure at the beautiful UBC Botanical Garden. Pick up your Travelogue and enjoy a 90-minute journey through our forest garden with educational stops along the way. High up in the forest canopy, you and your family can experience the Greenheart TreeWalk. Children and youth will take home a Kids Nature Kit to continue to explore nature in your own neighbourhood.

Important Information: UBC Botanical Garden is open under new guidelines to ensure public, member and staff safety. Families are required to pre-book an entry time in advance. If you miss your entry time, you will not be permitted entry. You will need to present your ticket and membership/UBC card (as relevant) on arrival. Tickets may be presented digitally on a mobile device or printed on paper. For sustainability reasons, we encourage digital tickets. There will be no on-site ticket purchases.

About Biodiversity Days: Communities are in a race against time to address climate change, improve food security and halt biodiversity extinction. This May, in honour of the UN International Day for Biological Diversity (May 22), we are hosting a series of virtual and family experiences to celebrate biodiversity and amplify its importance for current and future generations.

What is Biodiversity? Biodiversity is the foundation of life on Earth and encompasses the ecosystems, species and genes of all living things. Cultural diversity is also a key component of biodiversity, intimately linking us to ways of knowing the natural world. Maintaining biodiversity and biocultural diversity is key to advancing nature-based solutions, social justice, climate action, food and water security and more.

Join us: Be part of an active movement and learn how we can collectively safeguard our planet's biodiversity and live in harmony with nature. Mobilizing action to protect and restore biodiversity requires participation across communities, disciplines and cultures. Join us for Biodiversity Days and learn more about how you can help.

Event Organizers: Biodiversity Days is hosted by UBC Botanical Garden in collaboration with SEEDS Sustainability Program and the Climate Crisis in Urban Biodiversity Initiative (CCUB). See the full list of scheduled events.