Collection: Discount Collection Exception - WELCOMEFOGS

A collection to exclude products from shop discounts. 

Steps to add in a new product we want to exclude from regular discount code use:

  1. When we want a product to NOT be eligible to be discounted we can now go into this “Discount collection (exceptions)” and add the product to be excluded by the following formula “Product title is not equal to NAME OF PRODUCT TO BE EXCLUDED” – this will make sure that product can’t be used for our general discounts.
  2. The next step is when setting up or modifying the discount code we need to set it up to apply to “Specific collections” from now on instead of “All products”
85 products
  • Nitobe Memorial Garden admission 2022
  • Greenheart TreeWalk admission 2022 (includes Botanical garden access)
  • UBC Botanical Garden Admission 2022
  • Apple Festival General Admission Ticket 2022
  • Nitobe Memorial Garden & Greenheart TreeWalk admission 2022 (includes Botanical Garden access)
  • Shop in the Garden and Garden Centre - Shopping Registration
  • Nitobe Memorial Garden & UBC Botanical Garden admission 2022
  • Pickup Instore
  • Magnum Almond Ice Cream
  • UBC Botanical Garden Registration (Spring 2022)
  • Magnum Double Caramel Ice Cream
  • SpongeBob Ice Cream
  • Minion Ice Cream
  • Magnum Double Chocolate Vanilla Ice Cream
  • Magnum Cookie Duet Ice Cream
  • UBC Homecoming
  • Magnum Truffle Ice Cream
  • Rental Damage Deposit
  • Magnum Strawberry n Cream Ice Cream
  • Magnum Double Raspberry Ice Cream
  • Chapman’s Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich
  • Horticulture Training Program application fee 21/22
  • Plant Identification with Allison Luke
  • Photography Session
  • ReSound Tariffs
  • Chapman’s Caramel & Milk Chocolate Ice Cream Bar
  • SOCAN Tariffs
  • Chapman’s Yukon Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwich
  • Erythronium Mix
  • Contemporary Lawn & Arbour (5% Staff/Alumni Rate)
  • Nitobe Memorial Garden
  • Contemporary Lawn and Arbour